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Pipework Mechanics Ltd offers a vast range of pipework engineering and fabrication services across many industries.

The core of Pipework Mechanics is steel pipework fabrication and installation however we also specialise in the following pipe systems;

• Mild Steel - Carbon Steel Pipework Fabrication and Installation

Mild Steel Pipework is generally used for the transfer of non corrosive fluids and is great for high temperatures such as hot water heating systems and steam / condensate lines from boilers and various other applications.

Pipework Mechanics specialise in welding, fabricating and the installation of mild steel pipework systems to a wide range of clients and this makes up the core part of our business.

• Plastics - PVC and ABS (Cemented) pipework installaton.

Generally used on corrosive chemicals where there aren't any extreme temperatures or pressures. Can be installed by either using solvent cement or threading. PVC and ABS are WRAS approved so can be used on domestic and commericial drinking water applications.

• Press Fit - Carbon Steel, Copper & Stainless Steel press fit installation.

Mostly used on heating and gas line installations where pressure doesn't exceed 16 bar or temperature doesn't exceed 80 degrees celsius. Fast installation by using a press fit gun to crimp the ends of the fittings onto the pipework. Can also be used with clean water applications by using stainless press in conjunction with EPDM seals as both are WRAS Approved materials.

• Compressed Air Line - Usually galvanised iron pipework used with screwed fittings.

Galvanised pipework is used to prevent Oxidisation on our Compressed Air Line Installations. Unlike Black Iron / Steel pipework, Galvanised pipework has a protective layer to prevent Oxygen and Water (Usually Air moisture) combining to create rust in the pipework which will cause problems long term.

• Stainless Steel - Stainless steel pipework fabrication and installation services.

Welded Stainless Steel pipework has many uses, it has very good chemical resistance, it's a hygienic alternative to Carbon steel so can be used on Fresh Water systems and it's a WRAS approved material so can also be used on drinking water. Stainless Schedule pipe can also be used on high pressure and temperature applications (Ratings vary with pipe dimensions).

No matter the pipework system our clients require Pipework Mechanics ensures that every project is given utmost attention, all our systems are tested and we only use the highest quality materials.
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