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Pipework Mechanics Ltd has built a vast portfolio of customers across all kinds of industries over the past three decades and to this day we are still adapting our pipework services to new and upcoming industries enabling us to fabricate and install our pipe systems into Biomass Plants, chemical plants and even into your local supermarkets.
Biomass Plant Pipework Installation

The reason we are able to successfully adapt into so many different industries is due to our knowledge and experience in using mant different pipework systems.

We can recommend, design, fabricate and install many types of pipework systems in many different materials.

Stainless Pipework Services

Here are just a few examples;

- Welded 316 Stainless Steel for Chemical Resistance.

- Carbon Steel or Copper Pressfit pipework for hot water Heating Systems in schools and hospitals.

- Carbon steel Schedule welded steam pipeline for Steel Works and Boiler Plants.

- PVC or ABS chemical resistant pipeline for Chemical Factories and other agressive applications.

- Iron Pipework for Heating Systems and Compressed Air Lines in Factories, Schools and Hospitals.

- Pressfit Pipework to avoid welding in sites where there are highly explosive materials.

- Stainless Press Fit with NBR seals for gas installations.

- Nylon Pushfit Pneumatic Air line tube for automation / actuation on valves.
Manufacturing Plant Compressed Air Line Pipework Installation

These are just a few examples of pipework fabrication and installation solutions we have to offer, if you have an enquiry for any pipework engineering requirements please contact us and we will get back to you with a suitable solution.
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